Friday, February 18, 2011


The jokes in Sedaris's piece is actually a bit of a drama as well. He points out that people are way to quick to judge others, and when you judge them a certain way, things that confirm your bias actually emerge, which, in the psychology world, is called the fundamental attribution error. I thought it was brilliant how he used the crossword as his way to channel his negative, self- loathing thoughts though, as well as take the lady's own judgements on himself and somewhat go out of his way to actually be kind of an asshole. I thought the peice was great, because I act a lot like this in real life.

Now, for my joke. My favorite joke is actually a pretty long peice, so I'll just link to the youtube video, but I will actually tell a smaller joke afterwards.

Okay now, so i'm going to tell a terrible joke so if you don't want to be most likely pretty offended don't read it

okay now

A terrorist walks into a bar. Nobody survives.

ok that was terrible, I feel bad now

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